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Do you prefer talking or texting?

This question is something I often mention when conversing with my friends. Largely this depends on the topic and how busy I am. Ultimately, I’m pretty much an introvert and rarely am bored due to the amount of things I assign myself. The world is my oyster after all, and life offers a never ending string of opportunities to learn and grow that I often get restless when idling (unless I’m sitting in the movie theatre watching movies). Because of this, I much prefer texting when it’s just to convey the little things – appointments, an easy question, an easy answer. However, if one of my friends is trying to describe how she or he feels, or when the conversation requires more than just a few messages to get one’s point or emotion across, I much prefer talking. I mean, people who ask each other out on a date over text and even worse, those who break up over text should go take a few classes of how to be more personable, and learning about how to be successful with their lives, because I’m not sure if they will ever be successful if they value other people so low (at least in my humble cheap opinion.)

At the end of the day, I much prefer conversing with my friends and talking to them face-to-face. That’s the key here. I don’t enjoy talking over the phone, unless it’s the only method I have to communicate with them. I always feel as though time just disappears when I’m on the phone, but that’s partially my own problem since I have so many things I feel like I constantly have to do.

So the short answer is that basically talking is preferable when face to face and for more serious conversations and banter, but texting when it’s to convey a short comment, question or thought.

What about you?

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