Web Sites – Plan or Just Do It?

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So, I’ve been following the growth of a site – AlternationsNeeded, which spawned FitReview, which has spawned Hemmed.com – all focusing on petite fashion. One of my friends and I had an idea but we’re in the planning and planning stages, and while we’ve been planning, they’ve already pulled out two sites.

In your opinion, is it better to just “do it”? or better to draw up a business plan? (Which is what I we’ve been busy doing.) But I’m wondering if it’s better after months of discussion, to just throw it into the water and see what comes of it instead of drawing up a business plan? Granted, we still need to draw up how to market it, which is our biggest stumbling block, as neither of us are really in the fashion community. Maybe it’s time to just get our feet wet.

What do you think?

I’ve always wanted to create a few other web sites, but the problem is – the idea just isn’t there. Have you ever thought of doing something for fun that might lead to monetizing?

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