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Post A Week Challenge and other Challenges

I came across an interesting tweet today about blogging better, and I came across this challenge – of either posting once a week or posting once a day. I decided to opt for posting once a week, because I post my movie reviews on ReelNerdChick.com and I’m really lazy as it is! There are some great topics at DailyPost that I will attempt to use.

Also, while browsing about how to blog better, I came across this challenge, of posting a photo weekly challenge – I challenge my photog friends to participate. You don’t necessarily have to post it publicly, but share with me! This week’s challenge apparently is “Boundaries”.

And one more challenge – it seems like more “life” like challenges. The latest is paying attention to your sense of hearing for that day.
A Challenge A Day

…now, off to eat some ricecake!


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  1. Reply Heather 11/02/08

    A few friends are doing this 30 days of blogging challenge, where they answer a prompt each day for a month. It looks fun (I love reading what they are posting!), though several of the prompts don’t fit me, plus I’d never be able to keep it up daily, lol. But if you are looking for something to get you to blog more, this might work? I know not everyone doing it is blogging daily, so you could do a few each week or something? 30 days challenge

    • Reply Grace 11/02/08

      I like some of their topics, but not everything. But I could do a few here and there, and mix it in with the dailypost, which poses some fairly interesting questions, as some of their questions I don’t have a reply to either. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up though =)

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