Post A Week Challenge and other Challenges

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I came across an interesting tweet today about blogging better, and I came across this challenge – of either posting once a week or posting once a day. I decided to opt for posting once a week, because I post my movie reviews on and I’m really lazy as it is! There are some great topics at DailyPost that I will attempt to use.

Also, while browsing about how to blog better, I came across this challenge, of posting a photo weekly challenge – I challenge my photog friends to participate. You don’t necessarily have to post it publicly, but share with me! This week’s challenge apparently is “Boundaries”.

And one more challenge – it seems like more “life” like challenges. The latest is paying attention to your sense of hearing for that day.
A Challenge A Day

…now, off to eat some ricecake!

Moved Movie Stuff to ->; P365

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Since my personal blog was filling up with posts on movie reviews, and that I was felt confined with how much I could post in terms of movies as well on my blog, I decided to get a separate domain for all my movie related stuff, and then I can expand a bit more on other topics here. Please bookmark or add it to your feed!:

It’s still a work in progress, so please bear with me as it grows a bit and expands! (Though the procrastinator in me might take longer in doing so :))

I also re-started my Project 365 pictures, but those are strictly for friends only (hoping you guys comment). The site requires a password, so if you’re interested, I’ll let you know what the password is. All my other links can be found to the right under ‘reflections’ … if you get lost in the future ^_^


Behind on updates

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When I redid my previous site, I said I would be better at writing reviews and having them up. Well, I have gotten better at writing the reviews, but I have been pretty bad about posting them on my web site. I store them on my computer, but then I have a tendency to want to reedit them to death, and then the post becomes irrelevant (or old and stale). I am hoping to post some of those old reviews in the upcoming weeks, and I’m hoping that I become less nit picky about my posts, with the hope that I will improve my writing with time. Please bear with me!