San Diego Botanical Gardens

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Yesterday, my friend and I went to the San Diego Botanical Gardens to take a peek at what they offered there. It used to be the Quail Gardens, but was renamed (not sure why). It can often be confused with the Balboa Park Botanical Gardens. However, whereas the gardens there are more enclosed, the San Diego Botanical Gardens is a large open area, east of the five in Encinitas, CA. I wasn’t sure what to expect, except that I had a good many things about it from people who had gone there. Both my friend have an interest in photography and went with the intention of taking a lot of photos, but I admit I was enjoying the peacefulness of the area that I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would have.

For any plant lover or fruit lover, the San Diego Botanical Gardens is well worth the $12 admission fee. I was fascinated to see they had bananas that were supposedly tasted like vanilla flavored pudding. Fruits such as “pink lemonade lime” was tempting. The gardens are split into regions of the world, and much of the tropical area was filled with delicious fruits.


Not sure what plant this was, but I loved the vibrant yellow


These Chinese roses were everywhere. Pretty unique looking no?

Jujube Tree

Jujubes plants. I sure like eating them, so I decided to snap a photo – they’re so small here, and of course, not fully grown!

Froggie hiding

Peekaboo – do you see the froggie? It was very close to the side, hiding near the sand


There are a few gorgeous ponds within the garden, and this was one of them


Love these fiery purple colors. Was inclined to take a picture of it because of the colors. The picture isn’t anything special however.


Have you ever seen cork oak? Well, neither have I, until this moment. It looks like bugs ate all throughout it, but that’s just how it looks! Neat eh?

Check out the web site for the San Diego Botanical Garden. I’ll probably visit again when it’s spring next year, as most things will be in bloom then! A pretty lazy Sunday, but managed to take the camera out and spend time with friends.