Amazing Art on Deviant

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I signed up on deviantart a while back, and I usually used it to find wallpapers. Lately I’ve been picking up painting again, and I wanted to pick up some art activities. I’m often amazed by the art created on computer because though I can draw, recipe I can’t draw on computer.

I came by this link while looking for art of Ayumi, and wow. This person has major talent.

Check it out. It’s by abiko, and she does vector “drawings” in Illustrator CS2. It makes me want to install it and try out vectors. But looking at how she vectors images, it would probably take me two years just to do the vector outline itself (if I ever figure out how to do it.) They look like *real* photographs. Crazy shite.

My favorite is the one of Angelina Jolie and Ayumi Hamasaki: links respectively are:

Wow. I could look at this person’s art for hours.