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Site Re-Tooling

I haven’t touched this blog in many months, erectile almost a year. I’ve moved it from Blogspot and now use WordPress. There are so many options for blogging software I could easily get buried in it, but in the end, I went with WordPress.

Looking over at the past posts, I realized I disliked the topics I chose, the writing style I wrote, and the seemingly disjointed entries I wrote. I made it far too personal. I’ve started another blog where a coworker and I discuss the daily trials we go through in striving to simplify our lives, and as I did, I realized my own personal blog could be handled much better. It’s an advantage that I get about 0 readers, including friends, that I’m able to start over a bit from scratch. This will still be more personal than my other attempted web sites, but hopefully it will offer some actual content than in previous years. I’ve enjoyed writing, and I’m hoping in doing so, I can improve my vocabulary and my writing.

Please be patient as I get this blog visually up to speed :)


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