Countdown to 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC

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My posts tend to be filled with movie reviews these days, so much so that I’ve been thinking of moving them to a dedicated domain. It’s come to the point where I’m tentative to write anything else but movie/entertainment related topics! If any of you guys have any good catchy domain names — let me know, case as I think most are probably taken.

The Winter Olympics are coming up, starting February 12, for those who may not know (especially if you haven’t been buried by NBC’s commercials for the event.)

I’m preparing to get ready for my Vancouver travels. There’s a lot to do, to write down, in preparation for my trip to Vancouver. Luckily it’s going to be the second week of the Olympics, so I will have some time to do my research to see what to do during the Olympics.

I am kind of disappointed by the constant negative news surrounding the Olympics, and it makes me disappointed in Vancouver in general. There are the arguments over the clothing/marketing line from VANOC and Roots/Lululemon, as well as the arguments with First Nation, the growing costs the Olympics have imposed on the city, and the latest article I’ve just read regarding how the Canadian Pavilion is one ugly building and is shameful to the city. Wow, that sure bodes well. Reading the countless of Canadian news on the Olympics, all I’ve read are complaints from those who live in Vancouver.

Regardless, as I see the dressings going up for Vancouver, and look at all the gear that people have gotten, including friends, I’m starting to become excited to get to Vancouver. I’ve been enjoying a few Vancouver 2010 travel blogs such as We Are All MukMuks and Journey to Vancouver 2010 – Diary of a Fan, both that have been absolutely fun to read.

I’m about to get ready to get geared up dressed in Canadian colors and Canadian gear. Living in California means that Vancouver, though the warmest in Canada, will still be way too cold for this now adjusted for warmth Canadian-American. Just received my boots today, and am now waffling on the rest of my wardrobe, to make sure I am dressed for warmth. But I’ve now realized I need to get some straight or skinny jeans otherwise I will be walking the streets of Canada looking like a dork. H&M, Aeropostale, American Eagle, here I come. The last few things to complete my wardrobe is Roots gear.

Too many things, not enough time! I’ve just started researching now…and Valentine’s Days, birthdays are coming up. So I’m getting a bit batty! More updates later! Hopefully I won’t be as disoriented as I am now.

So Vancouver, I’m not yet ready, but hopefully, by the time the Olympics roll around, before I even leave, I’ll be all packed and ready to go!

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