TW Drama Review: Devil Beside You

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Devil Beside You

Devil Beside You

The story starts out with Qi Yue (played by Rainie Yang) wanting to give a love letter to Yuan Yi (Kingone), a fellow classmate of hers. However, in the midst of giving the letter to Yuan Yi, she runs into Jiang Meng (Mike He) “the devil” who ends up picking up the letter and later threatens to make copies and throw it off the roof for the whole school to read unless she becomes her slave.

Qi Yue complies, but later, after getting tired of being under Jiang Meng’s hold, she decides to tell Yuan Yi she likes him, finding her feelings are being reciprocated. At the same time she discovers that her mom is dating the school’s president and is horrified to discover that the bully is indeed the president’s son.

However, Qi Yue is surprised to discover that she holds feelings for Jiang Meng and admits her fault and truth to Yuan Yi and breaks it off. But with the pressures of Jiang Meng’s reputation of being the president’s son, their relationship must be kept a secret from most because of the impending marriage of their parents.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed the series very much. I have to admit that it’s quite unbearable sometimes, especially at the beginning of the series, where the silliness is at its max and I find I have to force myself to sit through the first few episodes before the series settles down to a light-hearted drama. The characters seem to be very exaggerated, especially Jiang Meng. Though I’m not sure if the story comes from a manga as it reminded me of Japanese characters, I felt I was watching an anime come to life.

I’m not normally a fan of Rainie Yang but her facial expressions and her portrayal of Qi Yue really drew me in and I actually enjoyed her acting. It is quite a change from “The Love Book” in which I thought her character was mopey and unlikable. I usually find there’s something off about Rainie that I can’t exactly pinpoint why I don’t enjoy her acting, but I was able to overcome it for the most part while watching this series. Qi Yue is a strong though sweet and honest character who always wishes the best for everyone and admits her fault.

As for Mike He, I hadn’t realized he was the same actor in “Love Contract” which I did not watch all of (nor enjoy — especially the ending!) or that he played a part in “Yes, Love Enterprise.”. One shallow note: I much prefer his hair down than him in that crazy hairdo of his. I wasn’t wholly pleased with his exaggerated acting but perhaps that is what the director wanted. His unhappy-kill glared looked ridiculous to me and gave me the creeps not because it scared me but it was so bad it was laughable and annoying at the same time. However, when he is acting more “normal”, I came to really enjoy his acting and I may actually give “Love Contract” another try. Especially now that I know that Mike He was in it.

Overall, the story told is a very simple one, and the intermediate stories between their friends are just as entertaining. I found myself caring about all the characters and not really hating any of them (surprisingly enough.) The chemistry between most of the characters work, especially Qi Yue and Jiang Meng. Especially the glove scenes.

I had expected this series to be a more serious drama judging by its cover (ok ok, so that is wrong :)), but it had just the right amount of seriousness mixed with laughter to make it an enjoyable addictive ride. Don’t expect anything tragic to happen. If you need a change of pace from watching one of those sad and depressing Korean dramas, this is the drama to watch. Needless to say, I am now a bigger fan of Mike He and I can even accept Rainie Yang.

The story is probably what sucked me in the most. It’s quite a simple story, and I have to admit, I’m a sucker for romantic comedies, which I would consider “Devil Beside You”.

If you have never seen an idol Taiwanese drama, I would probably start off with Meteor Garden and wait to watch this series. The silliness exhibited in many Taiwanese dramas these days are something someone living in North America who have never seen an Asian drama would have to get accustomed to and might get put off or scared off. With ease, one should be able to grow into this series.

Rating: Recommended, Four/Five Red Gloves 😀

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