The New Fall 2009 Season to Begin Soon!

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Cast of V


After what seems like a very dry and long spell this summer in terms of television entertainment, next week will be the return of the new Fall season, the first season not affected by the writer’s strike. In previous years, pilots have usually been leaked onto the internet for a sneak peek, but this year nothing but ‘The Cleveland Show’ has been revealed.

Luckily, I was able to attend Comic-con this year, so while I was unable to attend most of the pilot screenings, I was able to catch the entire ‘V’ pilot, as well as glimpses of the new shows “Vampire Diaries”, “Eastwick” and “Flash Forward”. At the end of last year’s season, both season premieres of “Caprica” and “Glee” were shown.

I do feel that it’s a mistake that networks do not have any leaked pilots this year. Having seen the entire pilot of “V, I’ve been telling everyone that they need to see it. However, not knowing much about other shows, I haven’t really told anyone that they needed to try and watch anything else, which I have done every year. However, I have read and heard from various sources about which shows are worthy to watch.

For a fairly complete season premiere calendar:
TV Squad’s complete schedule or Clique Clack’s schedule (You can even add it into your Google Calendar!)

NEW SHOWS … that I am looking forward to this season:
V, a re-boot on ABC – I’m a sucker for alien invasions, and judging by the pilot, looks to be well done and very entertaining.
Community, NBC – I have heard nothing but good things about this show, and with Chevy Chase leading the pack, it certainly sounds promising.
Durham County, ION – This show, imported from Canada which in addition to being a hit and having won many awards in Canada, has Hugh Dillon (Flashpoint) being the leading actor in the series playing a cop who is involved in trying to solve several murders in the small town of Durham County.
Flash Forward, ABC – The premise sounds interesting, but I’ve heard fairly mixed reviews about this show. I’m a huge fan of John Cho (Harold and Kumar) and unfortunately I’ve heard that he’s pretty stiff in delivery, which is disappointing, but I’m still looking forward to the show and will give it a chance.

RETURNING SHOWS … that I am looking forward to:
Medium, CBS – Note the new network on CBS. I was disappointed to hear at the end of last season that Medium was being cancelled by NBC, then overjoyed that CBS had picked it up. However, the show will be put on Fridays.
Amazing Race, CBS – Until I had watched this show, I was never into reality shows. I found them destructive and a really rather sad show displaying the sorry state of humans. To a certain extent, there is still some bickering involved, but I enjoy watching the teammates attempt challenges while travelling all around the world, experiencing different cultures. At the same time, I also like to wonder in the back of my mind, how I would fair doing the challenges and putting up with the language barrier.
Criminal Minds, CBS – I think by now, people should be able to determine that I’m a bit of a CBS fan. I’m a big fan of crime, and since CBS is the big crime network station, often I am glued to the station. The season finale was a cliff hanger, and though I’m sure they’re not going to kill off any characters, I’m still curious as how the story is going to progress.
Fringe, FOX – Last season’s finale blew me away. All the actors, even Joshua Jackson (of Dawson’s Creek fame) has thoroughly impressed me. My only disappointment is that Mark Valley was not able to stay, even though he has his own show now. I cannot wait to see how they deliver this season.

This is just a quick round-up of a few of the shows I plan to watch or am excited to return this Fall. I tend to follow TV news via Zap2It, one of my favorite sources for television news.

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